It is  undoubtedlyour  greatest advantage  – breakfast buffet with varied menu, warm dishes, cold plate, also a tasty sweet snack, fruit and espresso coffee. In the summer you can eat in the charming hotel patio. Breakfast is served from 7a.m to 10 a.m daily. For special wish  of the  groups – the brakfast hours  can be changed.

Our idea to appeal to your  taste  is the „breakfast room”. Besides delicious breakfasts we also serve lunch and supper for all our guests. Our kitchen, despite a modest menu, tries to appeal to your taste. The melody of the future is the extension  of the assortment, but we are now able to serve  all organized groups – sports groups and participants of training and conferences.

Open 24 hours / day. Enjoy delicious, aromatic coffee in the morning. In the evening, you can  relax in  the hotel  patio with a glass of good wine or a drink. Our offer also includes not very popular beer which have exceptionally good taste.

We support  any  trainings, conferences and business meetings.

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